To do in Hajstorp

The Locks
It is fascinating to watch the boats going through the locks. The water thunders and roars as it is released, the boats emerge out of the locks or sink down into them. The lock gates are opened and the boats glide gracefully out. The passenger boats Diana, Wilhelm Tham and Juno  were built to sail the Göta CanaI, they fit exactly into the locks. In Hajstorp you can get really close and you can also have a coffee or an ice-cream while you watch the spectacle.

Art / Crafts
In the Hajstorp store is a sales display of local crafts. Here you can buy hand-woven carpets, ceramics in the form of sculptures but also functional ceramics, wood crafts, silver jewelry, forged iron work and textiles, handicrafts of the highest quality. A great destination for those interested in arts and crafts. On the store's upper floor is the exhibition "The life of a farming family one hundred years ago" Here children can try out weaving, carve out bark boats, blow soap bubbles and more.

Veteran Car Meets
Every other Wednesday, six times each summer, is the Veteran Car meet in Hajstorp. Gathered together are upwards of 250 - 350 vehicles in one evening and many, many interested car enthusiastes. Snacks are for sale in the Lock Café as well as in Lahrin's Pavilions or Martin's Barn. It is one of the largest car meets in Sweden.
Dates 2020 27/5, 10/6, 24/6, 8/7, 29/7 and 12/8 at 18.00-21.00 approx. 

The forge in Hajstorp
Hajstorp was a sizeable work-station when the canal was being built. So in the old smithy in Hajstorp many iron fixtures for the Göta Canal were manufactured. Today a non-profit association runs the smithy. The first Wednesday of every month is try out being a blacksmith day 18.00-21.00. The smithy is open when the chimney is smoking and one of the members is there working at the forge.

Rent a bike
You can rent a bicycle here in Hajstorp for one day or two, tel 0506-13050. Cycling the old towpath along the Göta Canal will become a wonderful holiday memory. The Göta Canal has been designated "The Construction of the Millennium". In this genuine canal milieu, you are able to experience a slice of our Swedish history mixed with museums, locks, shopping, living countryside, cafés  and restaurants. There are 36 km of vehicle-free cycle paths between Sjötorp and Tåtorp.

Excursion - a little further away

There is a lot going on in our area between Lake Vänern and Lake Vättern...
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